Pitbull - Feel This Moment (Ft. Christina Aguilera).
Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.
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Files List
I Can't Wait/I Can't Wait Demo.wav 12.66 MB
RadioActive/RadioActive Demo.wav 12.36 MB
Another Night/Another Night Demo.wav 12.17 MB
Let the Beat Drop/Let the Beat Drop Demo.wav 8.79 MB
Lovely Nightmares/Lovely Nightmares demo.wav 8.79 MB
[Info]/Electro Funk Monster Thump Demo.mp3 7.61 MB
Lovely Nightmares/WAVs/Open Hat_120.wav 4.40 MB
Lovely Nightmares/WAVs/Strings_120_Bmin.wav 4.40 MB
Lovely Nightmares/WAVs/Snare_120.wav 4.40 MB
Lovely Nightmares/WAVs/Trance Synth_120_Bmin.wav 4.40 MB
Lovely Nightmares/WAVs/Trance Gate_120_Bmin.wav 4.40 MB
Lovely Nightmares/WAVs/Kick_120.wav 4.40 MB
Lovely Nightmares/WAVs/Hi Hat_120.wav 4.40 MB
Lovely Nightmares/WAVs/Crash_120.wav 4.40 MB
Lovely Nightmares/WAVs/Piano_120_Bmin.wav 4.40 MB
Let the Beat Drop/WAVs/Air Raid effect.wav 4.40 MB
Lovely Nightmares/WAVs/Bass_120_Bmin.wav 4.40 MB
Let the Beat Drop/WAVs/Saw Poly_120_Emin.wav 4.40 MB
Let the Beat Drop/WAVs/Bass_120_Emin.wav 4.40 MB
Let the Beat Drop/WAVs/Clap_120.wav 4.40 MB
Let the Beat Drop/WAVs/Kick_120.wav 4.40 MB
Let the Beat Drop/WAVs/Tambourine_120.wav 4.40 MB
Let the Beat Drop/WAVs/Guitar_120_Emin.wav 4.40 MB
Let the Beat Drop/WAVs/Stinger_120_Emin.wav 4.40 MB
Let the Beat Drop/WAVs/House Gate_120_Emin.wav 4.40 MB
Let the Beat Drop/WAVs/Open Hat_120.wav 4.40 MB
I Can't Wait/WAVs/Bass_125_Cmin.wav 4.22 MB
I Can't Wait/WAVs/Hats1_125.wav 4.22 MB
I Can't Wait/WAVs/Kick_125.wav 4.22 MB
I Can't Wait/WAVs/Hats2_125.wav 4.22 MB
I Can't Wait/WAVs/Brass Synth_125_Cmin.wav 4.22 MB
I Can't Wait/WAVs/Awesome Arp_125_Cmin.wav 4.22 MB
I Can't Wait/WAVs/Layered Clap_125.wav 4.22 MB
I Can't Wait/WAVs/Square Synth_125_Cmin.wav 4.22 MB
RadioActive/WAVs/Light Perc_128.wav 4.12 MB
RadioActive/WAVs/Bass_128_C#.wav 4.12 MB
RadioActive/WAVs/Oceanic Lead_128_C#.wav 4.12 MB
RadioActive/WAVs/Kick_128.wav 4.12 MB
RadioActive/WAVs/Hoover_128_C#.wav 4.12 MB
RadioActive/WAVs/Snare Stack_128.wav 4.12 MB
RadioActive/WAVs/Space Lead_128_C#.wav 4.12 MB
RadioActive/WAVs/Open Hats_128.wav 4.12 MB
Another Night/WAVs/Cheese Lead_130_C.wav 4.06 MB
Another Night/WAVs/Bass_130_C.wav 4.06 MB
Another Night/WAVs/Piano_130_C.wav 4.06 MB
Another Night/WAVs/Perc Hit_130.wav 4.06 MB
Another Night/WAVs/Clap_130.wav 4.06 MB
Another Night/WAVs/Wind effect_130_C.wav 4.06 MB
Another Night/WAVs/Trance Gate_130_C.wav 4.06 MB
Another Night/WAVs/Snare stack_130.wav 4.06 MB
Another Night/WAVs/Hat1_130.wav 4.06 MB
Another Night/WAVs/Hat2_130.wav 4.06 MB
Another Night/WAVs/Kick_130.wav 4.06 MB
Lovely Nightmares/WAVs/Boom effect.wav 1.10 MB
RadioActive/WAVs/Boom effect.wav 1.03 MB
Lovely Nightmares/Drum Hits/Crash.wav 691.13 KB
[Info]/SA_EFMS2.jpg 360.74 KB
[Info]/SA_EFMS.jpg 302.88 KB
Lovely Nightmares/Drum Hits/Snare.wav 274.76 KB
Another Night/Drum hits/Hat2.wav 184.07 KB
[Info]/SA_EFMS_a.jpg 170.07 KB
Lovely Nightmares/Drum Hits/Open Hat.wav 140.04 KB
RadioActive/Drum Hits/Open Hats.wav 132.31 KB
RadioActive/Drum Hits/Light Perc.wav 132.19 KB
Let the Beat Drop/Drum Hits/Open Hat.wav 128.02 KB
Lovely Nightmares/Drum Hits/Kick.wav 111.00 KB
I Can't Wait/Drum Hits/Kick.wav 109.77 KB
RadioActive/Drum Hits/Kick.wav 109.38 KB
Let the Beat Drop/Drum Hits/Kick.wav 109.24 KB
Another Night/Drum hits/Snare stack.wav 106.94 KB
I Can't Wait/Drum Hits/Layered Clap.wav 104.55 KB
Let the Beat Drop/Drum Hits/Tambourine.wav 103.05 KB
RadioActive/Drum Hits/Snare Stack.wav 74.68 KB
I Can't Wait/Drum Hits/Hats1b.wav 69.49 KB
Another Night/Drum hits/Perc Hit.wav 63.82 KB
Let the Beat Drop/Drum Hits/Clap.wav 62.24 KB
Another Night/Drum hits/Clap.wav 55.64 KB
Another Night/Drum hits/Kick.wav 46.80 KB
[Info]/SA_EFMS thumb.jpg 37.22 KB
Another Night/Drum hits/Hat1.wav 29.82 KB
Lovely Nightmares/Drum Hits/Hi Hat.wav 25.81 KB
I Can't Wait/Drum Hits/Hats1a.wav 24.95 KB
I Can't Wait/Drum Hits/Hats2.wav 24.04 KB
Let the Beat Drop/MIDI/Bass_120_Emin.mid 3.96 KB
Another Night/MIDI/Wind effect_130_C.mid 3.86 KB
I Can't Wait/MIDI/Hats2_125.mid 1.30 KB
RadioActive/MIDI/Open Hats_128.mid 953.00 B
Lovely Nightmares/MIDI/Bass_120_Bmin.mid 933.00 B
Another Night/MIDI/Piano_130_C.mid 916.00 B
[Info]/Electro Funk Monster Thump Description.txt 903.00 B
I Can't Wait/MIDI/Hats1_125.mid 786.00 B
Lovely Nightmares/MIDI/Piano_120_Bmin.mid 735.00 B
RadioActive/MIDI/Bass_128_C#.mid 691.00 B
Lovely Nightmares/MIDI/Hi Hat_120.mid 688.00 B
Another Night/MIDI/Bass_130_C.mid 681.00 B
I Can't Wait/MIDI/Bass_125_Cmin.mid 561.00 B
Another Night/MIDI/Hat1_130.mid 543.00 B
RadioActive/MIDI/Oceanic Lead_128_C#.mid 522.00 B
Let the Beat Drop/MIDI/Guitar_120_Emin.mid 448.00 B
I Can't Wait/MIDI/Kick_125.mid 447.00 B
I Can't Wait/MIDI/Square Synth_125_Cmin.mid 447.00 B
I Can't Wait/MIDI/Awesome Arp_125_Cmin.mid 445.00 B
Let the Beat Drop/MIDI/Kick_120.mid 391.00 B
Another Night/MIDI/Perc Hit_130.mid 383.00 B
Another Night/MIDI/Clap_130.mid 382.00 B
Another Night/MIDI/Kick_120.mid 382.00 B
Let the Beat Drop/MIDI/Open hat_120.mid 372.00 B
Lovely Nightmares/MIDI/Open Hat_120.mid 368.00 B
RadioActive/MIDI/Kick_128.mid 367.00 B
Lovely Nightmares/MIDI/Kick_120.mid 367.00 B
Another Night/MIDI/Snare Stack_130.mid 357.00 B
RadioActive/MIDI/Snare Stack_128.mid 346.00 B
I Can't Wait/MIDI/Layered Clap_125.mid 343.00 B
Lovely Nightmares/MIDI/Strings_120_Bmin.mid 320.00 B
RadioActive/MIDI/Hoover_128_C#.mid 307.00 B
Let the Beat Drop/MIDI/Saw Poly_120_Emin.mid 300.00 B
I Can't Wait/MIDI/Brass Synth_125_Cmin.mid 274.00 B
Lovely Nightmares/MIDI/Trance Synth_120_Bmin.mid 269.00 B
Lovely Nightmares/MIDI/Snare_120.mid 254.00 B
Let the Beat Drop/MIDI/Clap_120.mid 232.00 B
Another Night/MIDI/Hat2_130.mid 223.00 B
RadioActive/MIDI/Light Perc_128.mid 216.00 B
Let the Beat Drop/MIDI/House Gate_120_Emin.mid 215.00 B
Let the Beat Drop/MIDI/Stinger_120_Emin.mid 211.00 B
Let the Beat Drop/MIDI/Tambourine_120.mid 210.00 B
RadioActive/MIDI/Space Lead_128_C#.mid 175.00 B
Lovely Nightmares/MIDI/Trance Gate_120_Bmin.mid 174.00 B
Another Night/MIDI/Cheese Lead_130_C.mid 173.00 B
Another Night/MIDI/Trance Gate_130_C.mid 165.00 B
Lovely Nightmares/MIDI/Crash_120.mid 114.00 B
Strategic Audio - Electro Funk Monster Thump (WAV-MIDI).rar 142.40 MB
Strategic Audio - Electro Funk Monster Thump (WAV-MIDI).rar 294.25 MB
Strategic Audio - Electro Funk Monster Thump (WAV-MIDI).rar 172.47 MB
Strategic Audio - Electro Funk Monster Thump (WAV-MIDI).wav 223.58 MB
Strategic Audio - Electro Funk Monster Thump (WAV-MIDI).wav 267.51 MB
Strategic Audio - Electro Funk Monster Thump (WAV-MIDI).r01 313.98 MB
Strategic Audio - Electro Funk Monster Thump (WAV-MIDI).wav 816.71 MB
Strategic Audio - Electro Funk Monster Thump (WAV-MIDI).rar 383.77 MB
Strategic Audio - Electro Funk Monster Thump (WAV-MIDI).rar 415.03 MB
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